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Anti-wrinkle injections contain botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) which relaxes and weakens the muscles that are responsible for wrinkles and frown lines. Once injected, the botulinum toxin type A substance disrupts the nerve endings and muscles causing them to relax, smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

A small amount of solution is injected into the selected facial muscles using a very fine needle. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes and any discomfort is brief and minimal.

We use specific techniques to ensure your comfort during the treatment process if required.

Results will be noticeable after 3-7 days with the full effects seen around days 10-14.

Before your initial treatment, we like to conduct a thorough facial consultation and create an individually tailored plan for each client. This plan will evolve over time as your needs and desires for your skin change.

Side effects are limited when injections are performed by a qualified practitioner, however, treatment must not be undertaken during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and on those with certain medical conditions.

We will discuss your medical history during the initial consultation process.

Price is dependent on consultation and patient needs.




Suitable for
Unwanted lines and wrinkles

Prices start at $120 for one area

As a guide:
$120 / forehead
$200 / frown
$200 / eyes



12 – 16 weeks

Procedure duration
15 – 30 mins

Pregnancy safe