The Excel V laser is the most advanced aesthetic laser for treating skin conditions. Combining two different wavelengths to make it the most effective, versatile and powerful vascular laser available. 

Due to its versatility and power, the Excel V is highly effective in treating a variety of skin conditions and achieving incredible results this in minimal time.  

The Excel V produces significant results in the treatment of vascular lesions of the head, neck and body, including facial telangiectasia, redness, rosacea, cherry angiomas, venous lakes, bruising, port wain stains, leg veins and scars. 

Playing into the versatility of the machine; a simple change in settings the Excel V is highly effective in the treatment of Pigmentation, acne and scarring.

The treatment itself usually takes approx 5-10 minutes, once a thorough skin analysis is done and treatment options discussed and agreed upon. Larger more complex skin conditions can take up to 45mins for treatment.

You will see improvement in your skin after the initial treatment, however, most people will benefit from a series of treatments ( usually 3) and then a yearly maintenance treatment.

Redness and/or swelling may be experienced following treatment and will resolve within a few days. Treated pigmentation and brown spots will darken and flake off within 3 to 6 days.

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This treatment will leave your skin looking clean, smooth and blemish free, by targeting and reducing uneven and pigmented skin tone. The laser will target the pigment that has been building up over a lifetime of sun exposure, draw it to the surface and flake off. A series of treatments are recommended, as the pigment can lie deep in the skin and may take a few treatments to obtain a clear result.

1 treatment $300
3 treatment package $850
Pigmentation on hands $200
Décolletage Pigmentation $300



Facial redness and clusters of small blood vessels can often be a real self-confidence issue for many. With incredible laser technology, your insecurities about facial redness can be a thing of the past. Targeting specific facial areas with our Excel V Laser, we can significantly reduce redness, rosacea and small vessels, in some cases completely eliminating them. A series of treatments is recommended to obtain the best results – this depends on the severity of your condition.

1 treatment $300
3 treatment package $850
Leg Veins $350
Decelotage $300


Laser Genesis Facial Rejuvenation

This incredible treatment will ensure your complexion looks more youthful, vibrant and healthy. Laser Genesis is a breakthrough laser treatment that delivers gentle micro-pulses that targets the microvessels and stimulate collagen remodelling, improving the appearance of wrinkles, diffusing redness and other noticeable signs of ageing.

1 treatment $295
4 treatment package $1100