The CosMedix Timeless Peel is a highly effective facial peel that works to restore growth of healthy, young skin cells. This, in turn, Increases cell turnover and normalises cell function.

Timeless Peel Rx also increases the skins ceramide production and moisture levels to give an age-defying, smooth-textured complexion.

What makes the CosMedix Timeless Peel so effective for treating stubborn skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and melasma is the high dosage of Vitamin A. Unlike traditional acid peels that simply burn and exfoliate the skin, Vitamin A acts as a cell regulator. It actually improves cell function. Therefore, if cells, including melanocytes (our pigment-producing cells), are behaving abnormally the high dose of Vitamin A not only causes a peeling effect but also helps to regulate pigment production.

This is an overall more corrective approach to skin treatments. Peels that simply rely on exfoliation will not be as effective for treating such skin concerns and in some cases have even been known to make pigmentation worse.

Price $220